Every day from Monday to Friday, in Calabrasa we offer you a menu of the day to eat quickly and without complications, but with top quality products and our long-standing savoir faire.


Bon appétit!

The lunch menu at Calabrasa consists of:


- A light starter that can be a soup of vegetables, a salad or some other occurrence of the chef.

Always with 3 options to choose from.


- A main course cooked on the grill, to choose between fish, meat or vegetables.

On Thursdays, we also cook paella.


-Dessert we have cake or coffee.


To drink you can choose between:

-A water bottle 500ml

-A soda

- Beer cup (1 free refill)

- White or black wine cup (1 free refill)



All this at a price of 14.50.

10% supplement on terrace.









menu of the day in calabrasa