Here you are the menu that we have prepared for the delight of our most demanding customers. We have divided it into two types of product, the land products and the sea products.

We select daily the best meats and the freshest fish and seafood to cook with love on a oak charcoal grill.

Bon appétit!

Starters & Tapas

Garlic Prawns with Chili Pepper and Olive Oil 11,6
Grilled Asparagus with Romesco Sauce 8,8
Escalivada (Grilled Vegetables) in Different Textures with Toasts 10,6
Artichoke Hearts with their Paté, Acorn Ham Chips and Parmesan Sauce 13,5
“Calçotada” Croquettes 7,5
Iberian Ham from Acorn-fed Pigs  D.O. Guijuelo (80gr) 17,5
Assorted Cheeses from Molí de Ger 15,5
Grilled Mussels with Passion Fruit Vinaigrette 7,6
Grilled Cockles 9,6
Clams with Marinera Sauce 12,6
Grilled Razor Shell 8,6
Grilled “Tallarinas” (type of small clam) 10,8
Grilled Mussels 6,8
Grilled Prawns with Garlic and Parsley 12,5
Half Grilled Octopus with "Arrugás" Potatoes and Smoked Paprika Oil 22,0

Salads and Vegetables

Grilled Baby Vegetables with Romesco Sauce 9,7
Grilled Pumpkin Salad, Burrata,
Old Seed, Honey and Mustard Vinaigrette 8,6

Sides and Sauces

Grilled bread baked in the Charcoal Oven 2,0
Sauces: Allioli, Romesco, Foie, “Ranci” Wine, White Wine, Seaweed Allioli 1,5
Potatoes Caliu 3,0
Sautéed Beans 3,5

Charcoal Grilled Meat

Grilled Young Chicken with Polenta Sticks with Rosemary 12,5
Grilled Veal Entrecote from Pyrenees 400g 19,5
Grilled Sucker Lamb Chops 15,8
Grilled Duroc Pork Ribs 13,5
Grilled Rabbit with Carrot Parmentier and Grilled Parsnip 12,5
Old Cow Cheek with Ratafia and Fried Bread 14,9
Grilled Lamb Shoulder with Mint Couscous 27,5
Beef Rib Steak 800gr 34,6

Charcoal Grilled Fish

Grilled Squid with its Ink and Citrus Alioli 13,5
Grilled Corbina with Toasted Almonds and Crunchy Black Garlic Sauce 17,4
Grilled Monkfish with Pineapple Base, Spicy Mango Chutney and Coconut Flan 16,5
Grilled Sea Bass with Oil and Garlic Sauce 17,5
Grilled Marinated Tuna with Soybeans, Ginger and Lemon 29,8
Grilled Hake Donosti Style 33,6
Grilled Seafood Calabrasa 32
(minimum 2 pax, price per person)

Charcoal Grilled Paellas

(Minimum two people)

Mountain Rice with Iberian Rib, Artichokes and Mushrooms 15,4 (per person)
Marine Rice with Sea-Nettle and Sea Food 16,8 (per person)
Soupy Rice with Lobster 23,4 (per person)

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